Beta Shop
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Blade of the Wiki-d 10,000 Copper
Sword_Table.png Bloodletter 30,000 Copper
Sword_Table.png FlameStop Blade 15,000 Copper
Sword_Table.png Noble Blade 400 Diamonds
Sword_Table.png Red Star Sword 500 Diamonds
Sword_Table.png Sanguine 300 Diamonds
Sword_Table.png Star Slasher 450 Diamonds
Sword_Table.png Star Sword 30,000 Copper
Sword_Table.png Tomix's Pandora 2000 Diamonds
Sword_Table.png Werepyre Slayer Sword 5,000 Copper
Axe_Table.png Platinum Axe of Destiny 30,000 Copper
Axe_Table.png Prismatic Destructor 10,000 Copper
Dagger_Table.png CardBlades 200 Diamonds
Dagger_Table.png Dual Bloodletters 700 Diamonds
Dagger_Table.png Dual Destructors 5,000 Copper
Dagger_Table.png Dual FlameStop Blades 500 Diamonds
Dagger_Table.png Dual Prismatic Destructors 350 Diamonds
Dagger_Table.png Sanctified Sword and Shield 10,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Arctic Dragonslayer 1,500 Diamonds
Armor_Table.png Blood Fiend 150,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png CardClasher 1,200 Diamonds
Armor_Table.png Classy Windsor Wedding 25,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Corruption of Aranx 35,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Evolved Dragonlord 5,000 Diamonds
Armor_Table.png Moglin Defender 10,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Naval Commander 1,100 Diamonds
Armor_Table.png One-Eyed Warrior 1,200 Diamonds
Armor_Table.png Werepyre Slayer 650 Diamonds
Helmet_table.png Arctic Dragonslayer Trophy 450 Diamonds
Helmet_table.png Dragonslayer Helm 5,000 Copper
Helmet_table.png Ranger Hat 2,000 Copper
Helmet_table.png Revontheus Visage 10,000 Copper
Helmet_table.png Werepyre Slayer Helm 200 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png Arctic Dragonslayer Cloak 350 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png CardCape 225 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png DoomFlame 25,000 Copper
Cloak_Table.png Eternal Flame 500 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png Fiery Halo of Nulgath 25,000 Copper
Cloak_Table.png Grave Robber's Cloak 5,000 Copper
Cloak_Table.png Guardian Shadow 2,500 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png NeoFiend of Revontheus 350 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png Werepyre Slayer Wings 200 Diamonds
Cloak_Table.png Wings of the Abyss 7,000 Copper
Pet_Table.png Party Crasher Zorbak 25,000 Copper
Pet_Table.png Platinum Dragon 5,000 Diamonds
Pet_Table.png Sock Dragon 0 Diamonds
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